Wise and Learned Chaarans

with whom Jhaverchand Meghani modestly shared both friendship and learning

Pingalshibhai Patabhai Narela
Rajkavi of Bhavnagar

Delee-nee Chopaat
his favourite seat where one could invariably spot him
all through the day till well past mid-night
Pingalshi Bapu-nee Delee, Bhavnagar
his home
his room
at the top
Shedhavadar village
gifted by the Maharaja of Bhavnagar in 1934 
Meghani called him
`The Last Minstrel'
one of his better-known Poems Pingal Vaanee : his complete works
The Illustrious Family
Patabhai Mulubhai Narela
his father
Hardanbhai Pingalshibhai Narela
his eldest son
Baldevbhai Hardanbhai Narela
his grandson

Meghani visualizes

Gagubhai Rambhai Leela

Sanali, District Amrel

what was once his home where he would sit down and work Saragavo trees in the courtyard 
Meghani loved to listen to Gagubhai, who was a regular visitor to Hadala of Vajsur Vala.

Meghani fondly called him
`Kaathi Darbaaro-nee Kacheree-nu Kankan' (The Jewel in the Court of Kaathi Darbaars).
Ramji Mandir-no Choro
where Gagubhai and Meghani sat
talking over folklore, exchanging ideas
Rathod Dhaadhal-nee Khaambhee
Meghani wrote a story based on the
self-sacrifice of Rathod Dhaadhal.
Parevaa-no Oto
It was here that Gagubhai, as he fed the birds,
tried and cleared Meghani's doubts and
queries regarding folk stories and episodes.
Khankhanan, the General of Akbar replies to
Amar Singh, the son of Rana Pratap :

a special poetic form he used.
the more popular form

The Trio who took up the torch from their illustrious father
Karandanbhai Gagubhai Leela
Kanjibhai Gagubhai Leela
his eldest son
Mekaranbhai Gagubhai Leela

Meghani's pen-picture brings Gagubhai alive :

Dula Bhaya Kag
Majadar, District
under the Neem tree
his favourite seat
House at Majadar
Meghani lovingly called him
`Dula Bhagat'
 his popular Bhajan
based on an episode in Ramayan
his complete works in 8 Volumes
in praise of Mahatma Gandhi
awarded by Government of India in 1962
Commemorative Postal Stamp
issued by Deptt. of Posts, India, in 2004
voice of Dula Bhaya Kag
click here to listen
Meghani recollects
Touching Tribute by Dula Kag

Merubha Meghanandbhai Gadhavi
Chhatrawa, District Porbandar

Meghanandbhai Khengarbhai Leela
his illustrious father
House at Chhatrawa Pingalshibhai Meghanandbhai Gadhavi
his none-the-less younger brother


  Sorathee Duhaa-nee Ramajhat
his collection of Duha

Chaaran Boarding, Porbandar
founded by him in 1972
voice of ..,
Meghanandbhai Merubha Pingalshibhai
click here to listen click here to listen click here to listen
Meghani remembers
Touching Tribute by Pingalshibhai Gadhavi

click here to listen
The Trio

Pingalshibhai, Merubha, Dula Kag
at a function organised in memory of Jhaverchand Meghani

in alphabetic order
-  left to right, top to bottom
Dula Bhaya Kag Family Gagubhai Rambhai Neela Family Meghanandbhai Khengarbhai Leela Family
Pingalshibhai Patabhai Narela Family   Shivdanbhai Gadhavi - Jhoola


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